Eric Copeland: Artist You Should Know

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A tried and true tenured artist throughout DFA’s history, Black Dice has also arguably always been it’s most left-field. A truly one of a kind outfit, they’ve pretty much always done things their way without regard for trends or what is “cool.”

Although they started as an experimental noise project, like early Animal Collective or Tobacco, it was always hard to tell if Black Dice were a noisy dance music outfit tripping too hard to make proper dance music or a couple of heads making DIY “dance music” unaware of how truly damaged it sounded.

Regardless, the result has always been a gloriously hot mess.

Black Dice member Eric Copeland started participating in it when he was still in high school and has been releasing work under his own name for quite some time.

As a follow-up to last year’s “Joke in the Holealbum and a 12″ on L.I.E.S., Copeland has released a new EP on DFA called “Ms. Pretzel.

Somewhat accurately and comically described as Copeland “throwing a wobbly dance party in a junkyard,” it is also the sound of a dude making bold art that really pushes the boundaries of genre and understanding.

Come on baby, be the twist.