Erol Alkan Gets in the Mix for Fabric

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If you ever happen to catch my show on Saturday nights, you’re probably aware of my long-standing admiration for legendary UK DJ, half of ….Wizard’s Sleeve and Phantasy label boss Erol Alkan.

His influence on my ears is undeniable.

His penchant for looking for (and finding) the place where dreamy psychedelia and dark teeth grinding bangers meet is a next level gift and something I can only keep aspiring to do.

Although he has been DJing and putting mixes out for almost 20 years now, 2014 found him branching out and releasing his first solo work.

His Illumination EP came out earlier this year and artfully distilled what stirs him.

Now, he’s put together a new Fabriclive mix (the 77th in the series) for London’s club mecca, which features those EP tracks, a grip of brand new heaters from Running Back, Correspondent, Comeme, L.I.E.S., Optimo Trax and a new unreleased original by Alkan called “Sub Concious.

The mix is a dizzying, 77 minute long dancefloor affair that works up to a mega stunning climax I’d tried to improvise on a show months back and failed but he lands perfectly (of course)…his “A Hold on Love” into Saint Etienne’sOnly Love Can Break Your Heart.”

It’s a beautiful magic trick that once again asserts Alkan’s actual wizardry. Reach out and touch the magic, because it’s a physical object and it’s Fabriclive.77.