Factory Floor: Artist You Should Know

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A post millenial, (literal) rave-up of Throbbing Gristle’s industrial pop/noise experiments, London’s Factory Floor would indoubitably get props and their name etched in the annals of history simply for creating something original that still sits nicely somewhere between post-industial and techno in the timeline of popular music.

The fact that they’re actually REALLY freaking good is a total bonus and means they won’t just be a band for the curious to discover in 20 years.

The trio, comprised of (band originator) Gabriel Gurnsey, Dominic Butler and  Nik Colk (aka Nik Void)  have found a perfect slip in which to slide…navigating the fine space between the trippy pixelated drone of Fuck Buttons and a stone cold version of The xx’s sensuality.

After a series of excellent, mind-bending singles and EPs, Factory Floor has crafted it’s fantastic first full-length LP for the veritable DFA label.

This is heady, trance inducing body music, 90’s-ish EBM filtered through 2 decades of internet.

This is music for those dark future Earth’s core tunnel clubs in The Matrix, where sweaty, gorgeous, frustrated, half-naked, dirt-covered, greased stained people dance their heads off as they wait to battle machines that want to turn them into hamburger meat.


Turn It Up by Factory Floor