Forrest Day: Artist You Should Know

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Forrest Day defines eclectic. He grew up in the Bay Area, and was heavily influenced by the jazz he and his musically-talented family would listen to. You can hear the effect of his stellar background reflected in his new group.

The music is new, it’s unusual, and it personifies the spontaneity and free spirit of jazz, while pulling elements from hip-hop and rock.

The haunting delivery of their first single “Sleepwalk” is a perfect example of what to expect. The sinister spiccato violin and cello, the atypical scales so rarely found in western music, and the unorthodox structure all lend a unique ethnic vibe that demands to be heard by anyone looking for something new.

The song that we have been playing on KCRW,Hyperactive”, is mix of both major and minor harmonies as the keys of the piano follows his sometimes-sporadic vocals.

Stream “Hyperactive”:

And if you like what you hear, go see them tonight at the Mint.

— Jason Kramer