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Freedom Fry

Teasing the music that is coming up on the radio is just part of the job when you’re a DJ.  It sets the stage for the listeners, letting them know what to expect in the next stretch of programming, and hopefully offers them encouragement to stick around longer.  Now that we have tools such as Twitter, we can also throw these teases out online, as well as on the air, and tag the artists themselves.

So, often musicians receive a notification as to when their song is going to air, and their reactions can be really fun to witness.  We see retweets, tweets, and posts on Facebook alerting their fans to tune into KCRW in order to hear their song, or sometimes these come afterward.  Some of them get really creative.

I recently played L.A. band Freedom Fry’s song “Earthquake” on a Saturday afternoon while sitting in for Anne Litt.  The next day I found a notification that I had been tagged in this tweet.  Bruce and Marie, who are Freedom Fry, had made this video while their song was playing on KCRW:

Musicians work so hard on their music, and it seems obvious that it would be exciting for them to hear their music on the air.  Well, it’s fun for us to be able to witness that excitement.

You can stream “Earthquake” below, and check out their “Summer In The City” EP, which is out now on Caveman Arts Society.

Earthquake by freedomfry

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