Friday Free For All: Downloads from Holy Ghost!, The Crystal Ark, Misun

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The Crystal Ark – “Rain” + Holy Ghost! – “Hold On, We’re Going Home(Drake cover)

Between the recent Larry Gus and Holy Ghost! full lengths and the spectacular new Juan Maclean single, “Feel Like Movin‘”, DFA Records appears to be in the midst of a post-LCD Soundsystem renaissance.

This week, the kind folks over at the DFA offered up a couple of freebies via Soundcloud.

Gavin Russom’s project, The Crystal Ark, gave us the extended version of their track “Rain“.


AND Holy Ghost! released their cover of Drake’s slo-mo disco jam, “Hold On, We’re Going Home“.


Misun — “Goodbye Sasha”+ “Promise Me” (Hood Internet remix)

D.C.-based trio, Misun, has been a staple of my playlists all year long.

Their Summer Bootlegs mixtape was one of my favorite releases of the year.

It’s really hard to pin down Misun’s sound, but that’s what I like about them; whether they’re dabbling in rock, pop, any of the various strains of electronic music, they have an uncanny knack for always making earworms that stick with you.

Their latest track, “Goodbye Sasha“, toys with moombahton and pop and is super catchy. One listen and you’ll be humming along by the second chorus.


*Misun Bonus! I slept on this Hood Internet remix of “Promise Me” when it came out a few weeks ago, but it’s pretty great..