Friday Free For All: Fade to Mind and Thrupence

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Fade To Mind Edits

The Fade To Mind crew, whose members hail mostly from Los Angeles, have been responsible for some of the most forward-thinking music of the past few years.

From Kingdom’s Vertical XL EP to Kelela’s Cut 4 Me mixtape to Nguzunguzu’s Skycell release, Fade To Mind has consistently demonstrated a knack for making cutting edge music that always defies traditional pigeonholing.

This past week Fade To Mind took over Dazed Digital and dropped a gang of previously unreleased edits.

My favorite track of the bunch is a new edit of Kelela, who is no stranger to listeners of evening music programming on KCRW.

Her track “Bankhead” is a modern classic and hasn’t left my rotation since it first appeared last May.

Now, we get a brand new edit of her track “Enemy” by MA Nguzu.


In addition to this edit, you can head over to Dazed Digital and stream/download four other tracks. Prince Will’s Miley Cyrus rework and Kingdom’s heavy celestial take on Gangsta Boo are also well worth picking up.

Thrupence – “Don’t You Mind”

23-year-old Jack Vanzet is something of a jack-of-all-trades.

He’s not only supremely talented visual artist (you can check out a bunch of his pieces on his Tumblr), but he’s also quietly making a name for himself with his music production skills under the name Thrupence.

I first got turned onto Vanzet’s work as Thrupence when a friend recommended the Voyages EP to me a couple years ago. It was really pretty downtempo album and a perfect end of night soundtrack.

Thrupence is gearing up to put out a limited edition release of his new album, Lessons (Originals Mixtape 4), and is offering up a free download of the first single, “Don’t You Mind“.

With it’s Son House vocal sample (you can check out the killer sample source here), it’s hard not to draw a connection between “Don’t You Mind” and Moby’s use of similar Delta blues samples on Play, but that’s not a bad thing.

Download this track for free and pre-order the album here.