Friday Free for All: Goldbloc + De La Soul

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Goldbloc — “Black Gold” EP

Boston-based duo Goldbloc have been a group I’ve had my eye on ever since I heard their track “Runaway” a couple of months ago. This week they released a stunning four song EP called “Black Gold“. I’m a sucker for bass-heavy beats and sultry female vocals and Goldbloc bring it on both counts.

One of the main things that really leaped out at me listening to this EP, aside from singer Soleil’s vocals, is the way Goldbloc‘s producer, Goldenhaus weaves and layers vocal snippets throughout the production.
You can grab the Black Gold EP for free by giving Goldbloc a like on Facebook. I can’t recommend this release highly enough — it’s really, really good.

De La Soul — “Smell The DA.I.S.Y.” mixtape

We’re four months removed from Christmas but De La Soul keeps on giving. One month since they offered their entire discography free of charge, De La serves up the “Smell The DA.I.S.Y.” mixtape via BitTorrent.

The “DA.I.S.Y.” in the “Smell The DA.I.S.Y. title is a partial acronym for Da Inner Soul Of Yancey — a reference to prolific hip hop producer James Yancey, a.k.a. J Dilla, who is responsible for the beats on all 11 tracks of this release.

While “Smell The DA.I.S.Y. isn’t a game changer, it is worth checking out. Get the link to download it for free at De La Soul’s website.