Friday Free For All: Grimes and Giorgio Moroder

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Grimes – “Go”

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard any new material from Grimes, but with anticipation of her new album growing (tentatively slated for a September 9th release), we were laced with a new track yesterday called “Go“.


The track has a much trappier (for lack of a better term) feel than we’ve heard from Grimes in the past. It’s not necessarily a harbinger of a stylistic left turn her forthcoming record, however, as Grimes says in her own words:

Giorgio Moroder – “Giorgio’s Theme”

If you thought two years was a long time to wait for new music from Grimes, how about the 20 year hiatus between new tracks from Giorgio Moroder?

“Giorgio’s Theme” is very much a return to the sound that earned Moroder Disco Deity-status in the mid-late ’70’s, complete with his signature arpeggiated Italo synth lines.

The new track was released to kick off Adult Swim’s summer singles program, which will serve up a free song every week for the next 13 weeks.

Download “Giorgio’s Theme” here (scroll all the way down to the bottom)

– Travis Holcombe

Editor’s Note: I would be remiss in not mentioning one of the best free downloads this week — Penguin Prison’s version of “All Night Long”. Get it while you can!