Gardens & Villa’s newest “Fixations”

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Like Mad Max, Santa Barbara’s Gardens & Villa are survivors of the post blogcaplypse. But instead of brutal desert, their landscape is an Urban Outfitters hipster Jello mold the size of an Ikea. Their wasteland is a miasma of endlessly boring bands with dream poppy Izod shirts, ironic facial hair (which I didn’t even know was possible) and robo-playing youtube channels.

Quickly following up last year’s super solid Dunes album with a brand new album Music for Dogs this August, they’ve just released the first bit of newness, “Fixations.” The cracking first taste hints at how group’s move from Santa Barbara to L.A. has mutated their sound from the wistful stargazing on the beach of previous albums to a more propulsive running aimlessly through the streets at night Brian Eno meets Wings feel.

It’s a good promising move that will help them keep cutting their path through the yellow gelatin to the light at the end of the mold that is a taxi (not an Uber!) to K-Town.

Music for Dogs will be out August 15th, 2015 on Secretly Canadian.