Gatto Fritto: Artist You Should Know

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After releasing a number of stunning 12″ singles and remixes, UK producer Gatto Fritto (Ben Williams) jumped into the deep end of the pool and released a phenomenal self-titled full length early this year on Uruguay-based label International Feel.

Overall, the album is heady dance music that explores a variety of influential sounds that range from motorik Kraftwerk-y clicks to more the atmospheric sounds of Mu-ziq’s The Fear filtered through Barry DeVorzon‘s seminal soundtrack for The Warriors.

Although it’s undeniably dance music that you can dance to, this is shimmery dance music that is so well produced that it is best listened to loudly on headphones (or optimally in your Jetsons spacecar zooming on some future Autobahn to the moon.)

It is hands-down one of my favorite releases of 2011 (it made my top 10, see all of them here!), and the album opener (“The Curse”) has one of my favorite and one of the most hypnotic videos this year.

Although I’m highly allergic to cats, and can’t really bear them, I look forward to anything and everything this Gatto releases in the future.

Mario Cotto