Georgia: Artist You Should Know

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Upon first listen, new artist Georgia recalls artists like Katy B, Kate Tempest, M.I.A., and Santigold (and each of those are apt) but repeated listens reveal a pretty wide range of styles at play.

Georgia Barnes funnels Micachu’s angular surrealism and Kate Bush’s sensuality through strains of Aaliyah and The Streets. There’s a kind of Warp Records meets Lily Allen vibe, at times.

Like Ms. Allen, Georgia was born into entertainment by virtue of her father, who is half of the influential dubby electronica duo, Leftfield, responsible for the track “Afrika Shox“. But, unlike Allen, Georgia wasn’t actually seeking thisthis essentially found her by virtue of it simply being within her. As a kid, she played with her dad’s drums until football fever got a hold of her and she spent years working at going pro. She kept tinkering around however and eventually ended up drumming for up and coming artists Kwes and Kate Tempest…and in the process found herself wanting to make her own sounds and tell her own stories.

The result is a pretty decent debut album full of youthful wildness and heartbreak told through a sharp set of skittering Timbaland-esque productions.

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