Ghost Culture: Artist You Should Know

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Always under the excellent curatorial tutelage of Erol Alkan, UK based record label Phantasy has been around for 7 years but has hit it’s stride in the last 3 years.

Between the rise of wavy space cowboys Connan Mockasin and Daniel Avery, banging solo work by Chemical Brother Tom Rowlands, and Alkan’s own foray into producing original work…Phantasy is doing the damn thing.

And with the recent announcement of a full length by mysterious Ghost Culture, the future of Phantasy looks and sounds even more Phantastical.

With a pair of stunning 12″s to his name, the remarkably talented 20-something (known to his friends and family as James Greenwood) has gone from studio engineer to artist.

Initially cutting his teeth working in studio with Richard Fearless and Timothy J. Fairplay and then working on Daniel Avery’s impeccable Drone Logic, Ghost Culture has those dark synth, club vibes woven into his work but the angle is way more technopop. Strains of OMD and Depeche Mode, a teeth-gritting Goth version of LCD Soundsystem, the melodic strength of Hot Chip filtered through Gary Numan instead of Devo.

I didn’t know “Syro was coming, so that surprise was my favorite surprise of the year. I know this is coming. And it’s quickly becoming my favorite not surprise of the year. Also, this video for “Arms” is one of the best videos I’ve seen all year.