Gold Panda: Artist You Should Know

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From DJ Mario Cotto:

luckyshinerartAfter a number of surreptitiously released mp3s and independently released 7”s earlier this year, the UK’s Gold Panda has found a fitting home. Ghostly International (home to like-minded artists Matthew Dear, School of Seven Bells, and Deastro) has just released his shimmering debut, “Lucky Shiner.”

Gold Panda’s album is a lush mix of glitchy electronics, pastoral atmospheric soundscapes, with occasional cut-up samples of found sounds from tapes or films perhaps.

Although one could describe the sound as a cross between the building blocks of Flying Lotus, Four Tet, and Brian Eno’s “Apollo,” there is an underlying melancholic and reflective quality to the music that feels very personal and honest.

Apparently, the album was recorded and mixed during a brief post break-up retreat, where Gold Panda dog and housesat for his aunt and uncle. He’d sit and work on the album for hours, then walk the dog awhile listening to his sketches on headphones, and come back to work on the album, and then walk the dog again.  After a couple of weeks, Gold Panda had “Lucky Shiner.”

It probably sounds ridiculous, but the thing I miss the most about not having a dog is not walking the dog. There is something truly therapeutic about having designated moments of selflessness, the basic solemnity of relief, and a dog’s resulting appreciation and satisfaction are amongst life’s truest simple pleasures. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to really listen to an album all the way through.

Check out the gorgeous album closer, “You” and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

DJ Mario Cotto