Grizfolk: Artist You Should Know

Written by
by Verity Jane

Seemingly every time I come across a new band I like these days, if they’re not from LA, they’re either Australian or Swedish.

This time it’s a bit of a hybrid. And hybrids – when they work – always find welcome ears at KCRW.

I dare say the station’s ethos can be attributed in large part to successful hybrids of the past, specifically Paul Simon’s “Graceland sessions, Peter Gabriel’s experimental collaborations with giants from other cultures heretofore unknown in the West, and the band-oriented, cross-cultural adventures of Talking Heads and Massive Attack, among them.

In the case of Grizfolk, founded by Swedish natives Fredrik Eriksson and Sebastian Fritze, and Adam Roth, who has ties to America’s Deep South, the results are less global village, and more pushing the possibilities of pop.

One song in particular stood out to me from their recent standing-room-only, A&R-infested appearances at the Monday night residency I curate called School Night: “The Ripple“, (at press time still in the recording stages), which to me could be a crossover country phenomenon.

To be clear, this idea came about not by a cloying marketing strategy, but by honesty. the songs were traded back and forth while the members were in different parts of the world, finally coming together in Los Angeles to form the band, which is a mesmerizing experience live.

Other tracks are straight up anthems that can easily go the distance. “Vagabonds“, in particular, featuring Nikola Bedingfield (of the UK Bedingfields), is one such case, and already getting serious play on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

DOWNLOAD three tracks from Grizfolk, including “Vagabonds” for FREE here.

Their debut EP, “Indian Summer, has just been released, and a tour with Andrew Belle is in the offing as well.

If you’re in LA, see them TONIGHT at the Bootleg!