Hindi Zahra: Artist You Should Know

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Once in a while someone whispers in your ear in that way, the way that your heart will remember. Hindi Zahra’s music has done that to me. And now, like an innocent game of telephone, I’m whispering it to you.

I first heard Hindi on Blundetto’s song “Voices”, and now her new record “Handmade” proves my premonitions true – this woman has something. Something special yet familiar. Influences from her Moroccan and French roots come through, and blend effortlessly with her own authenticity. Like most prolific new artists, you come to find that they’re not “new artists” at all. There’s a whole lifetime playing out right before our ears.

On this new record, the lyrics and musicianship are both unpretentious and soulful, simple and deep. She can waltz around a rhythm and a melody like Billie Holiday, or saddle up and ride, strong and steady like Jenny Lewis.

But after reading my references, throw them out the window and wipe the slate clean. Let Hindi take your hand and lead you somewhere brand new… isn’t that why we love music in the first place?

— Jeremy Sole

Editor’s Note:   This Thursday September 29, is Hindi’s official LA Record Release and listening party, held from 9-10pm at Jeremy’s weekly Afro Funké event, taking place at Zanzibar in Santa Monica. More info

Also, she’ll be performing as part of the Ooh La La Festival at the El Rey Theater on September 30.