Hot Natured: Artist You Should Know

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After a bunch of absolutely banging solo releases individually, DJ/Producers Lee Foss and Jamie Jones started collaborating under the name Hot Natured in 2009.

The project has since grown and is now a braintrust of talent including Luca C and Ali Love. From their ubiquitous “Forward Motion” single to their brand new full length LP Different Sides of the Sun, which features guest vocals from The Egyptian Lover, Roisin Murphy and Anabel Englund, the bold dudes behind Hot Natured have gone from WMC and worldwide warehouse party darlings to major label artists with one of 2013’s most elegantly crafted Dance Music albums.

Below you can find an excellently programmed YouTube preview which allows you to navigate and sample the entire album.

Hot Natured is that rare dance album that is as exquisitely heady as it is hedonistic.

Body Music with a head on it’s shoulders and hips for daze.