Housse de Racket: Artist You Should Know

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SXSW, reaches a fever pitch with a this year’s all new 2 week Coachella festival, and cooly coasts through the summer months into early fall with KCRW’s infamous World Music Fest at the Hollywood Bowl,  line-up excitement and set time speculation becomes a divination game.

A relatively new name that’s popping up here and there is Housse de Racket. The French electronic pop outfit released a super catchy sophomore effort produced by the one and only Philippe Zdar called Alésia on Kitsuné at the tail end of last year.

Like their countrymen Phoenix, Justice, and Digitalism, they have a special gift for chuggy, anthemic pop gems with hooks that stutter spastically in the service of getting you to shake your head wildly and throw your fists in the air. Watch the video for single, “Roman” and tell me that this isn’t precisely the kind of stuff that gets tents filled with sweaty kids shaking wildly.

— Mario Cotto