In Flagranti’s Dark, Twisted Phantasy

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Extremely pervvy purveyors of undeniably chuggy disco-house jammers In Flagranti have just released a brand new EP on Erol Alkan’s excellent Phantasy Sound label.

IF’s “Headrush EP” is twice as groovy as it’s promo video and song titles are NSFW and in questionable taste.

Consistently trafficking in and exploiting the shock of sleazy 70s porn magazines and gay leathermen vibes, In Flagranti’s aesthetic has always been punker than punk in it’s obvious desire to get a rise out of anyone coming in contact with their releases, but the inherent danceability of all their releases has been just as consistent.

“The Headrush EP” is a filthy affair ready made for dark dingy after hours clubs with sweat beading on the low ceilings. With all it’s insane bongos and drum fills this thing is the would be soundtrack to an alternate version of The Warriors where all the gangs end up at Plato’s Retreat for a banging drag ball.