It’s a Wonderful Life – Joakim Shares His in a New Video

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Earlier this year, Joakim released a fantastic album called Tropics of Love. It’s a truly spectacular album from a truly spectacular artist.

One of the highlights of the album is an autobiographical jam called “This is My Life” that traces (with heartbreaking sincerity) epic and sometimes mundane life-changing moments in Joakim’s life.

After an instrumental bridge, he plaintively asks the listener, “This is my life. What will you do with it?” and it’s one of those moments that gives me whiplash and brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it.

But, it’s not just all heavy, existential angst, the track, like Joakim has a really cheeky, funny streak to it. With the help of visual artist Fafi, he’s created a perfect video for the track.

Part text conversation, software update and Facebook page stalking, the video eventually becomes a post-modern, pre-millenial Zelig with Joakim as the main character in a series of clips that mine everything from Saturday afternoon movies to cult footage to YouTube weirdness. It’s awesome.

Joakim has a wonderful life. And what I wanna do with it is share it.