Jacob Banks: Artist You Should Know

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It happened again.

A voice conquering the tiny laptop speakers in my office, filling the room with its magnitude, lodged itself into my consciousness. At this very moment, “Worthy“, the song I first heard some weeks ago is now in constant replay in my mind, specifically a certain passage of the verse and then the booming chorus.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing, the hold a great piece of music can have on someone? Of course the opposite can be kind of annoying (search “earworm” in wikipedia). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earworm

In this case the culprit is Jacob Banks, a young soul singer from Birmingham UK with a voice that lands somewhere between John Legend and Ray LaMontagne. I credit my colleague Carly Evans once again for the discovery (see my previous blog post about Austin Brown).

There’s no official release as of yet, but you can find a free download of his debut EP, The Monologue, from his website: jacobbanks.co.uk grab it while you can. i suspect his aforementioned “Worthy” will have the same affect on you.