Joel Hood: Artist You Should Know

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Hailing from North Yorkshire, producer Joel Hood creates blissfully melancholic electronic pop that is both as big as a sunset and personal as a whisper. His work sounds like the work of a person who listened to nothing but Air France for months, because he did. The CD got stuck in his car player and what was probably initially really frustrating became an immersive experience that turned into a guiding force.

He’s been posting his independently created and released work on Soundcloud for a couple of years and has finally found a home on the most Balearic of labels, International Feel.

His first EP for the label is extraordinarily dreamy stuff…the opener “Gone” is one of the catchiest things I’ve heard all year and is hopefully an indicator of what’s to come. This is the stuff I wouldn’t mind having stuck in my car CD player for the rest of my life…

Head to his Soundcloud to find a trove of lovely downloadables…including this lush Phoenix remix.