John Tejada Reveals his Warm Signs…

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L.A. techno wizard John Tejada has released a number of remarkably lush albums and 12″s for Kompakt in the last few years.

Now, he’s released what is arguably his loveliest, most accomplished work.

The full length, “Signs Under Testskitters and throbs with dreamy muted technological weariness and ecstatic hope in equal measure giving the album a sublimely human aspect.

Where mechanized funk generally tends to exist in a cold inhuman spectrum that serves as an escape, “Signs Under Test” reverberates with a warm fleshy heart and invites you to feel real.

Existing in a space somewhere between Warps‘ early Artificial Intelligence comps and Ulrich Schnauss‘ shoegazey dream pop soundscapes, Tejada is exploring and exalting fragility throughout.

It’s a rare and difficult feat to reveal the Ghost in the Shell, and with “Signs Under Test…he has.