Pan Caliente: Jona Camacho is a Colombian R&B sensation you need to know

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For today’s Pan Caliente, we bring you the video premiere of Jona Camacho’s latest single, “Tú y Yo.”  

This is a delicate pop-ballad from the Colombian R&B sensation, whose latest album “Memento” was released last month to stellar reviews. The album is a phenomenal mixture of pop, r&b, and downtempo romantic ballads, and it definitely ranks among my Top 10 in 2020. Take a listen to the full album here .  

Camacho’s album release was pushed at first, but he regrouped amidst the pandemic and opted to embrace the new teleconference lifestyle and that’s highlighted in his latest music video. “Tú y Yo,” features a young kid expressing his infatuation with someone out of his league. It’s clever, cute, and heartfelt — much like the song. It’s incredibly simple as well, but with seemingly high production value. Demonstrating that, while the times have changed, not all is lost in making great music videos.