KCRW Exclusive: Cosmic Kids Remix Body Language

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LA’s Cosmic Kids are pretty freaking righteous and some of my favorite LA dudes.

And their latest remix of Body Language’s new single, “Well Absolutely” is a pretty righteous rework.

Giving the track a spacey glimmery sheen and adding congas and claves, the track throbs with the chuggy grace and ecstatic air of a disco-y Psychemagik rework.

The Kids keep it simple and allow the original track to breathe while adding slight flourishes that make you toss your head back in blissed out pleasure.

It’s inspired but remarkably minimalist brilliance.

“Well Absolutely” – Cosmic Kids Remix

They don’t put stuff out at a feverish pace, but when they do…it’s hot, no doubt.

Buy the remix here.