KCRW Top 20 (11/11 - 11/17)

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I’ve been on a short sabbatical the past few months living abroad in Mexico City. While I’ve been missing my usual slot On-Air, Sunday’s from 6p-8p, I have not been missing out on all the great music being released this 4th quarter. Thanks to our fabulous KCRW app which is working amazing abroad, I’ve been able to keep up with the freshest tunes some of which have coincidentally infiltrated our weekly Top 20 list.

The ever-evolving pop duo, Electric Guest, not only avoided the sophomore slump on their 2017 release, Plural, but are now back with an incredibly sexy 3rd album. KIN funks up the duo’s sound and takes it even further into the pop realm, which is purposeful on Electric Guest’s part.

There are a lot of year-end lists yet to be unveiled, and I would bet that Automatic’s Signal will be on most of them. If it’s that one album you heard a lot about in 2019 but didn’t actually hear. Well, what are you waiting for? My suggestion: ease into this post-punk convection with the track, “Suicide In Texas.” Automatic is nostalgia wrapped up in a new energetic femme trio.

Last but definitely not least, Michael Kiwanuka, whom I just realized has a cameo in the movie Yesterday, has been a mainstay on this list pretty much most of 2019. However, this week, our favorite tune of his is a re-work by German tech house DJ Claptone. If you somehow didn’t think you’d ever bump to Michael Kiwanuka in da club, “You Ain’t The Problem (Claptone Remix),” will most definitely change your mind.

While we’re in the electronic spirit, I have to mention one more song. Polo & Pan’s “Nanã,” snuck back into our Top 20 this week. And with it a reminder that last year’s release Caravelle, is one epic album that has kept the French, electro pop duo touring the world over. If you’re still sleeping on this band…wake up and dive into our Top 20 list below.