Kevin Morby leads an impressive 'Oh My God' performance

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Kevin Morby’s ambitions rise up to the heavens on his new album Oh My God. His 5th studio release and boldest statement to date finds him flirting with religion (and questioning it), layered instrumentation, and gospel-tinged melody.

With a 7-piece band in tow for his Morning Becomes Eclectic session - he debuted this new configuration and they filled the air with harmonies, woodwind undertones, and warm keys. Morby led the way with his thoughtful musings on God confidently front and center. The big sound and production is an earned leap forward for this hard-working musician, whose timeless take on rock ‘n roll folk has resonated with fans (disciples?) from SoCal to Sweden and beyond; sending him into larger theatres and clubs for live shows.

His artistry has grown leaps and bounds over the span of nearly a decade, and one mustn’t look further for a proper feel of the new setup than the Leonard Cohen-influenced slowburn build of “Nothing Sacred / All Things Wild.”

Morby has visited KCRW behind a number of album releases but this session was a highlight for an artist that continually pushes his boundaries, while blessing us all with his output.