LA’s Stunning New Wave of Dance Music Producers

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With local hero music dudes Poolside and LOL Boys making moves on the KCRW charts the past few weeks, I’ve found myself super proud of how LA’s underground Dance Music scene has been developing over the last year. It thrives on both a healthy level of competition (which makes people bring their A-game) and a genuine spirit of camaraderie and support that has created a lush ecosystem of fresh new talent.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce (and/or re-introduce) you to some of LA’s finest new talent and folks to keep your eye on.


Cosmic Kids delivered a stomper called “Reginald’s Groove“, which was one of last year’s bona-fide jams. The Kids (Dan & Ron) are one-time KCRW volunteers, who have been friends forever and whose dedication to LA’s dance community started long before they were probably even old enough to participate. Their banger secured them some choice remix opportunities with  James Murphy’s label DFA (LCD Soundsystem!). They recently remixed a new artist named Giselle. The track, “Silk“, is butter.

Giselle – Silk (Cosmic Kids Remix) by CosmicKids


Classixx are arguably the domino that set off the domino effect of the new school of artists and made people look to LA as the place to be.

From their super catchy single for Kitsune featuring Jeppe (from Junior Senior) called “I’ll Get You“, to their killer remixes for everyone from Phoenix to Yacht to Mayer Hawthorne, Michael & Tyler have been doing it right.

They are currently mastering their highly-anticipated record. This one track, if it’s any indicator, promises a real stunner. Look sharp…wait for it.

“A Fax From the Beach”


I wrote  an intro to Urulu (nee Taylor Freels) awhile back which you should check out, but it remains be said that his recent release on the Exploited label, “1991” bangs.

Sincerely 91 EP Sampler (Exploited) by Urulu


Unassuming and completely charming and soft-spoken, James Del Barco is a house building machine that puts Habitat for Humanity to shame.

I played a demo of his on the show a few months ago and, when I went to DJ mecca/record store Turntable Lab, the person working the register told me people had been coming in asking for it. Signs.

He’s sitting on a goldmine of heaters, which he is in the process of shopping about. In the meantime, you can check out his first release below.

Brace yourself for impact, y’all.

James Del Barco – Page by ScionAV


Harvard Bass is EDM’s great bright hope.

Although lots of cats shy away from the tag, Victor shamelessly embraces the it and holds it up with pride. He creates big room techno that rattles skulls/butts but is musically super sharp. He is also a consummate journeyman DJ traveling all over the place and working hard for his well-earned money. His recent release “Juicy” is an unbelievable monster track that I imagine has the same effect at 4am no matter where you play it…ASSQUAKE.

Harvard Bass – Juicy (Original Mix) by harvardbass


NYCPARTYINFO is not from NY. Nor are they the hotline you should call to find out information about parties in NY. However, their new 12″ for Throne of Blood will undoubtedly be party music in NY, LA, CHI, London, Paris, so on and so on.

The duo comprised of Stevie Be (*Philly represent!) and Louisahh! They’ve crafted a couple of tracks that pop and throb real real well, but “Black Saw” is the ONE that will make you call and stay on the line. Fersherrr.

Blacksaw Bonus Beats from Sound Pellegrino Podcast episode 32 by NYCPARTYINFO


On a woozier, more psychedelic tip, LA’s Suzanne Kraft split my wig when A) she released the phenomenal Green Flash EP last year on the very, very picky Running Back label and then split my wig AGAIN when B) I found out she was a he and/or possibly a they.

On a tip from another local hero and super rad dude SFV Acid, I found out that Kraft is actually the brainchild of Diego Herrera, and that the two periodically do a Dublab show together called 2Daddies Radio.

But, I digress, the fact is that Suzanne Kraft’s mutant disco boogie is the stuff of future classics. His/Her/Their latest release is called, “Jus U” and it can be found on a truly truly killer compilation of jams called YA-001 on the local Young Adult label.

Suzanne Kraft – Jus U by YoungAdults

— Mario Cotto