Lemonade: Artist You Should Know

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Shortly after the raucous Black/Wolf band explosion of 2007, the explosion of lo-fi electronica of 2008-2009 saw blogs teeming with one-off tracks and EPs of one noun bands/projects whose sound was a precursor to the chillwave explosion of 2010.

Delorean, Tanlines, and Lemonade were a part of this initial wave of more tropically tinged electronic pop. Although Delorean blasted through the chillwave zone with a rave laser of an album Subiza, Tanlines and Lemonade laid in wait…to blast through with their own unique evolution to the sound.

Tanlines decided to not alter their formula dramatically, but rather dig deep into the avant pop sound they’d started developing.

Lemonade however has taken a slightly different tack and pitched the tempo to down to “Careless Whisper” levels. Like a post-blog update of late 80s sophistipop, Lemonade is making the “blue-eyed” version of the navelgazing hip-hop of The Weeknd and Drake.

The first single, “Neptune,” off their forthcoming full-length Diver, slowly shuffles in place but is emotive enough to achieve real quiet storm status. It’s a serious slow motion make out montage jam. INTOIT!

Neptune by LemonadeMusic

— Mario Cotto