Liars Make a Hot “Mess”

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Noise dudes turned weird alt-pop creators Liars have followed up their super rad 2012 album WIXIW with an absolute “Mess”. Due on Mute Records in March, they’ve introduced us all to it with the first salvo, a wicked, twitchy single called “Mess on a Mission“.

Splitting the difference between Devo’s dada weirdness and Primal Scream’s angry early 2000 anti-everything-ness, “Mess on a Mission” is a full on electro-punk freakout, repeatedly expressing, “Facts are facts and fiction’s fiction.” Axiom as anthemic choral mantra, this is dance music as cathartic infotainment overload, excess culture freak-out rebel music.

This is the sound of a mob rushing into Times Square and throwing molotov cocktails at every billboard and just sticking around dancing wildly to the sound of collapse.

It’d be terrifying if it weren’t so much goddamn fun.