Listen to Buscabulla’s new EP

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Oh… it hurts… so good when a band you are smitten with refuses to release a full-length album and gives it to you slowly, one, EP, at a time.

It’s been 3 years since Buscabulla, first popped up on our radar, and we’ve been jonesing for new music from them ever since.

So when we heard their latest single, Tártaro, pop up on MBE a couple weeks ago, a flurry of excitement overwhelmed us and we quickly found ourselves an Advanced copy and played it non stop, on repeat.

Buscabulla is comprised of Raquel Berrios & Luis Alfredo del Valle, who were born and raised in Puerto Rico, but now bear strong roots in Nueva York. These self-proclaimed explorers of “the Caribbean music of the future,” have again found a way to deliver excellently crafted, moody yet gentle melodies, in a very succinct fashion.

Today, we have the pleasure of extending this exclusive Album Preview of Buscabulla’s “EP II,” which will be released on January 20th for you avid fans of the music blog. Definitely recommended if you like FKA Twigs, Solange, or Blood Orange.

Oh… and because I know these 4 tracks left you thirsty for more, make note that Buscabulla will be making their West Coast debut at the Echoplex on February 27th  as well as performing live on Morning Becomes Eclectic with Jason Bentley that very same morning.