LOL Boys: Local Artist We Love

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Teenage girls seem to be forever tweeting, “LOL boys are stupid” or “…crazy” or something to that effect.

So in a stroke of either zeitgeist marketing genius or simply pure absurdist synchronicity, the Internet’s LOL Boys named themselves as such.

I say the “Internet’s” because LA’s Jerome Potter and Montreal’s Markus Garcia are  rarely in the same place, but they collaborate via Internet and have become a viral force to be reckoned with.

From collaborating with Hot City, co-owning the Body High label, remixing the likes of Korallreven, Gold Panda, Para One and Salva, and receiving DJ support from A-Trak, Brodinski, Shlohmo, and many others LOL Boys, have released their first EP on the LA based Friends of Friends label.

Changes is a breezy four tracker primed for the summer.

The title track opens the EP with prominent jazz influences, the glassy ride cymbal and standup bass providing a swinging rhythm that counteracts vocals from Heart Streets. “Mind’s Clouded” follows with an off kilter, eerie tone, the bumbling drums and foggy synths creating an uncanny mystic. “Get Close To Me” picks up the tempo, a dancy single fitted with vocals from Angelina Lucero, while “Don’t Want You” rounds out the EP on an atmospheric / ephemeral note.

The Boys have previously, busily released tracks on their own, accompanied by remarkably trippy homemade videos using what look like janky 16-bit graphics programs.

The videos are unquestionably watchable, weird pieces of DIY video art and their commitment to their craft has paid off as the “Changes EP is currently one of the Top 10 albums on the KCRW Charts.

LOL, these dudes are seriously funny, seriously talented and are part of LA’s stunning new wave of dance music producers. Actually, that’s no laughing matter.

LOL Boys – Changes ft Heart Streets by FoFMusic

LOL Boys and the whole Friends of Friends crew are taking over the Echoplex on August 24th. Don’t sleep.

— Mario Cotto