Lord of the Isles: Artist You Should Know

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I am grateful to Scottish producer Neil McDonald for 2 things.

1. His puzzling Lord of the Isles moniker inspired me to do a little research and introduced me to the connection between The Vikings and Scotland’s storied history.

2. In the last 2 years he’s released more than a handful of absolutely stunning and totally necessary works that split the difference between Balearic Scando-Space-Disco House and Ambient. His “Year of The City”  and “Hot Blobs” EPs, his clear 10″ for Unthank, and the “Ultraviolet” 12″ for Adult Contemporary are all some of my favorite secret weapons. A perfect spectrum of vibes for any given scenario.

McDonald is on a tear and has 2 new releases this month. Firstly the gorgeous slow-burner Geek Chic/Radio Lollipop EP for Catune and Galaxy Near You on his own Little Strong imprint.

Lord Of The Isles – Ultraviolet (Adult Contemporary) out now by Lord Of The Isles