Lorn: Artist You Should Know

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Originally a part of LA’s Brainfeeder collective, Lorn released a grim long player of seriously heavy beats called, “Nothing Else.” His latest – and first for Ninja Tune — “Ask The Dust” is a similarly grim affair but  throbs with the intensity of an angry heart as opposed to the cold, mechanical logic of his debut.

For all it’s beat heft, melodically it is a truly fascinating listen. If melodically-minded artists like Bibio or Ulrich Schnauss decided to explore the darker side of their soundscapes with a more nihilistic bent, it might be something like Lorn’s “Ask The Dust“.

You can pick up a couple of FREE download’s of Lorn’s “Cherry Moon” at the Ninja Tune website and his truly spectacular terrifying epic, “Weigh Me Down” at Pitchfork. Try it. You might even like the darkness.

Below find a mix Lorn did for Mary Anne Hobbs‘ XFM show in June.

Lorn – Mary Anne Hobbs XFM Mix 09/06/2012 by Ninja Tune