Los Porcos: Artist You Should Know

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Always a fragile and tenuous experiment, bands are an intimate relationship with all the ups and downs of a romantic relationship but multiplied exponentially and generally without the tension relieving outlet catalyst of sex to help weather the rough patches.

Consequently, when a band breaks up, there’s rarely any one thing that can members of the band can point (or are willing to share) as the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

However, when it’s a band with as much promise and buzz as Manchester’s Wu Lyf breaks up, at the peak of their “buzziness,” people want and/or expect something. Anything.

Smartly, following it’s surprising break, the band offered few answers but rather thankfully focused on the music; splitting into 2 solo projects and a collaborative one called Los Porcos.

Los Porcos, formed by the rhythm section of the defunct group, makes slack, super chill sun-bleached Balearic disco funk that sounds like the woozy headrush of a couple beach bar pina coladas.

In keeping with the blissed out Porcos‘ vibe, Nottingham based purveyor of things definitively Balearic, Timm Sure (of Coyote and boss of the veritable Is It Balearic? label) is releasing Los Porcos’ latest lush single “Jesus Luvs U Baby on his new imprint Uber.

I’ve played it a couple of times on the show and gotten nothing but thrilled responses from listeners requesting repeated plays and/or simple to the point “I love that song.”

I get it, because I love it too. Absolutely. Although, I’m no exactly sure what they’re getting at or what it’s about, it is an infinitely evocative and expertly produced slice of beachfront soft rock.

The only thing keeping this from being a huge late summer hit is that it comes out on vinyl in early September. But, it’s well worth the wait.