Luke Vibert: Artist You Should Know

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For an artist as prolific and consistently phenomenal, Luke Vibert is criminally overlooked.

From Cornwall, like electronic music’s late 20th Century ultimate enigma and potentially most lauded and (dare I say) important figure Aphex Twin, Vibert is a bona fide genius who makes everything from Ambient to Acid to Disco to Techno to alternative Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop with ruthless aplomb under over half a dozen aliases.

Since the late 90s, Vibert has released seminal works under the monikers Plug, Wagon Christ, Kerrier District, Amen Andrews, The Ace of Clubs and more. And it’s all mindblowingly good.

He has released an album almost every year since 1993, sometimes more than one.

His “Drum and Bass for Papa (released under the Plug moniker in 1996 is arguably one of the best Drum and Bass full lengths ever released) and his collaboration with pedal steel guitarist B.J. ColeStop the Panic is without question unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

His newest work, “Ridmik” (under his own name) is a glorious and unassuming slab of smart, super melodic Acidic Techno which any and all people who claim to appreciate dance music should spend time with.

A true head, Vibert creates and creates extraordinary tracks at a feverish pace and chooses to remain rather anonymous (possibly on purpose) but I simply cannot abide by it. Everyone who loves to dance should own at least one of his albums and the recently released Ridmik is as good a place for neophytes to whet their appetites.