Mathew Jonson: Artist You Should Know

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This past week I received a single from Crosstown Rebels which has now turned into just about one of my favorite things I’ve heard all year. It’s unquestionably the prettiest, genuine euphoria-inducing piece of dance music I’ve heard in awhile.

A new, near perfect shimmering piece of minimal tech-house, Mathew Jonson’sIn The Stars” is absolutely stunning. The B-Side to the “Automaton” single he’s released in advance of a forthcoming full length record called “Her Blurry Pictures“, “In the Stars” is a woozy and expertly crafted trip. A slow burner that just rises and rises until it explodes for a moment, just to create a perfect vaccuum that draws you in and propels you back out into a deep pink orange nebula, Jonson has created a track that feels like equal parts interstellar travel and deep soul kiss.

Not being a techno afficionado, I’m admittedly a bit late to the Jonson game. The man has been consistently releasing work under his own name, aliases and collaborations since 2003 and is a bona fide techno star. Intrigued, I’ve ended up hunting down Red Bull Music Academy interviews and FACT mixes to find out more about the man responsible for this feeling.

Admittedly, on any given week I feel pretty intensely about a lot of tracks…but this one feels different. This one is real special, and could very well be one of my all time jams.