Melody’s Echo Chamber: Artist You Should Know

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FYI: With the exception of the more descriptive part about the self-titled debut album from Melody Prochet, Melody’s Echo Chamber, much of this post is speculative. Like most of it. That being said, it’s not unreasonable.

In the wake of the massive worldwide success and endless touring of Tame Impala‘s debut record, “Innerspeaker“, frontman/songwriter Kevin Parker decides to settle into the anonymity of being an Australian ex-pat in Paris. One lonesome night after a long walk through the Jardin du Luxemborg, he contacts that girl from “that band that opened for Tame Impala…what was her name…from My Bee’s Garden…Melonie? Melody!” They have a lovely evening catching up. Drinking wine. Chain smoking. Walking around Montmartre. They maybe kiss goodnight. Part ways.

Inspired, he hunkers down and writes songs for the next Tame Impala record and periodically hangs out with Melody. She plays some of her songs for him. They share ideas. They go back to her place and record some songs. They’re really good. REALLY GOOD.

He plays guitar on and produces her debut album, Melody’s Echo Chamber (which sounds like a cross between the indie siren quality of Mary Timony’s Helium, the spacey dream-pop of Stereolab, and the trippy gauziness of Tame Impala) while putting the finishing touches on Tame Impala‘s sophomore release.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Crystallized” by FatPossum

On it’s own, it’s a very strong debut, but simultaneously works as an interesting romantic counterpoint to Lonerism’s lonerism. It’s a hugely successful collaboration deserving of your ear and you can hear the whole thing right now streaming as part of KCRW’s Album Preview series…here.