Micachu and The Shapes: Artist You Should Know

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Jewellery“. Unlike anything else at the time (or anything else since) it was a real stand out and bold statement for a young, relatively unknown artist.

In the time since, she toured with Spoon as their opener on their North American tour, experimented and collaborated with the London Sinfonetta for a live project, and performed at ATP at the behest of Jeff Mangum (of Neutral Milk Hotel.)

I’ve eagerly awaited new music from Micachu and the Shapes for a number of years, but hadn’t really kept tabs on recent developments.

However, as if by some twist of fate and/or some witchy knowledge in my bones, I’d started listening to old Matthew Herbert records again…

Herbert, who produced “Jewellery and now Micachu’s brand new record, “Never” helps her really stretch the boundaries of pop music by distorting, smashing and doing everything possible to the arrangements to make them virtually amusical…but at the core Micachu’s music is so delightfully catchy, so charming that even as it starts and stops in fits you want more.

It’s like musical fingerpaint. A fun, glorious mess that plays well while destroying the idea of drawing within the lines. It literally at times sounds like what would happen if you put a really scratched cd of Liz Phair‘s Whip Smart in your car cd player, or what’d you’d hear if you went to see ToonTown’s best post-punk band play to a bunch of drunk cartoon kids.

This is what pop music should be. No rules dude.

Micachu And The Shapes – OK by DummyMag

— Mario Cotto