Michl – “When You Loved Me Least”

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Who would have thought Southern California’s Inland Empire would be a good breeding ground for soulful electro-pop?  In the case of newcomer Michl, it has worked out just fine!  His debut track, “Kill Our Way to Heaven,” proved to be a solid winner for those who heard it when it first made the rounds late last year.  Now he offers up a second track, “When You Loved Me Least,” that manages to top its predecessor.

His strong lyrics speak of standing up for oneself in the face of a failed relationship, sung in a swooping style, transitioning from a murmured resignation to a falsetto-level statement of pride.  The electronic-based musical background supports his vocals, with ominous bass throbs, skittering percussion and echoing reverb.  It’s a remarkably complete package from such a new artist, who only made his live debut, opening for Baio in LA, just last month.  But it seems likely we’ll be hearing a lot more from Michl in the near future.