Midnight Magic: Artist You Should Know

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A number of years back, prior to Hercules and Love Affair releasing their first single, Classique #2, I’d come across an extended mix promo version of their song Athene that seemingly promised a bright disco future. It felt as if perhaps it could usher in a new era of retro formalism that would lay waste all the “nu-“disco acts. However, H&LA’s debut  LP took a more varied approach that was indebted as much to disco as it was to house as it was to synthpop.

Enter Midnight Magic. With their stunning 12″ Beam Me Up, the New York City outfit opened a stargate to a mirrorball planet where the sonic spirit of Studio 54 sits high upon a white horse and beckons us to come and dance forever. The sometimes 9-piece group is a full on disco orchestra, that capture the essence of the era with striking perfection because they know it so well. I saw them perform in a warehouse awhile back, with a brass ensemble and congero, they did a pitch perfect cover of Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch’sSuperman.” It was just about the most disco moment of my life.

After releasing a couple of EPs, the group have now come correct with a self-released full length titled, Walking The Midnight Streets“. The album (whose release was unfortunately overshadowed by a HURRICANE) is out now and is chock full of heaters and moments of contemplative heartbreak, like this stunner, “Diamonds.”

— Mario Cotto

Editor’s note: Rarely do I throw in my own two cents on posts by the great Mario, however hearing Midnight Magic’s “Beam Me Up” was BY FAR the most disco moment I’ve had as of late, and I wanted to share that track as well!

Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Original) by Djay2.0