Millie & Andrea: Artist You Should Know

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Millie & Andrea is a heavily wavy collaboration between heady Mancunian producers Miles Whittaker (1/2 of Demdike Stare) and Andy Stott.

Individually, their music projects bisect the space between Industrial, OG Dubstep, House, and Ambient and create sonic structures that ultimately eschew genre. After a series of 12″ releases, on this collaborative projects new debut album for the Modern Love label, “Drop the Vowels”, these two intense voices create something rather unlike anything else out there.

The two do traffic in a sound that updates the mathematical IDM of early Warp records with a dark, bassy emotive soul. They find a balance that is consistently unnerving, but never explicitly off-putting.

Make no mistake, this is challenging music for people who like to go deep.

Several years back, Stott’sLuxury Problems” was one of my unequivocal favorites and Demdike’s leftfield Industrial Goth-junglist vibe is one of the most intriguingly original sounds I’ve encountered in the last decade.

“Drop the Vowels” is not even remotely for the faint of heart.

But the daring souls that choose to explore it’s inscrutable world will be greatly rewarded.

This is apocalyptic head music. That is to say, music for the modern age.