MMOTHS: Artist You Should Know

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Behind the gauzy glitch of MMOTHS ‘ (all caps) at the warm heart of the dreamy electronic soundscapes, lies a young, unassuming 18 year old from Newbridge, Ireland named Jack Colleran. What seemingly began as an exercise in relief and distraction from his studies a year and a half ago (he was beginning to work on his degree in Architecture) has now become his life’s work.

Within a year of uploading 2 original works on his Soundcloud page, he was taking meetings with A & R folks, got signed to a new imprint, was remixing Interpol, Passion Pit, and Bon Iver, and playing at the Warehouse Project in Manchester with Aphex Twin.

Nice work if you can get it.

In sharp contrast to the abrasive amelodic music that American youth have collectively embraced as dance music (I will not even name names,) MMOTHS’ musical training, interest in structure and harmony, fills me with hope that the next generation doesn’t just want to listen to the sound of a Space Robot having sex with a pair of washing machines.


I had the great pleasure of spinning at the Kitsune Club Night last month that hosted his LA debut. I got a chance to hear his gorgeously atmospheric set and believe he has a very bright future designing elaborate cathedrals of sound.

— Mario Cotto