Mo Kolours: Artist You Should Know

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Ever met someone whose name is not necessarily fitting? There’s an Odd Future side-project/off-shoot called “The Internet.” However, I think that’s a misnomer. The name “The Internet” is much more befitting Mauritian-UK beatmaker Mo Kolours.

Mo Kolours music is fantastic evidence of the manner in which the Internet is making the world and all the music in it more accessible than it’s ever been, but it simultaneously is also making one’s self accessible to the world. Like an update of Francis Bebey’s foray into electronic sounds in the late 70s, Mo Kolours’ first EP, Drum Talking, is a wicked electronic beat album rooted in the percussive drum sounds of Sega music from his native Mauritius. It’s really unlike anything else I’ve heard recently.

Here’s a mindblowingly mezmering track off Drum Talking

Mo Kolours – Biddies by Wax Poetics

His most recent release, Banana Wine“, is out now…and is a free download. FREE!

Like the previous EP, “Banana Wine still has a lush worldbeat, but it also has an urban (and urbane) quality that finds him dipping into a sound that has strains of Madlib’s blunted shuffling beats.

When it’s all said and done, Mo Kolours is a better name than “The Internet” for this project as A) that is his name, and B) if these 2 EPs are any indication…the palette he’s working with is going to continue expanding and we can expect really bright and fascinating things from him. Both EPs are well worth seeking out, you’ll be super glad you did…just use the link above on your internets.

— Mario Cotto