Modeselektor: Coachella 2012

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Part of a wave of spectacularly talented producers in late 90s early 00s Berlin, Modeselektor were magnetized by Ellen Allien, forged by her BPitchControl label, and consequently became the third angle in a holy trinity of sumptuous minimal techno which included Apparat and Allien herself.

Although they haven’t achieved “household name” status, within the last decade they’ve garnered the attention of and ended up remixing Bjork and Radiohead. Pretty good relationships that have resulted in Thom Yorke doing vocals on a number of their original tracks.

Their first collaboration “The White Flash,” should be (in my humble opinion) on the shortlist of all-time greatest tracks to come out of Berlin. It’s a triumph of downtempo dance music production in that it thumps hard enough to dance to but is also so unbelievably atmospheric you’re almost too stunned to dance.

It’s next level elegant universe dreamstate stuff. Although it came out 5 years ago, and I’ve listened to it hundreds of times at this point it STILL surprises and transfixes.

The White Flash feat. Thom Yorke by Modeselektor

The Modeselektor dudes also recently released a full-length on their own imprint Monkeytown titled, “Monkeytown.” It features new collaborations with Yorke, Apparat, PVT, Busdriver, and more and…IT BANGS. WELL.

Listen to “German Clap.”

Modeselektor – German Clap by Modeselektor

In an awesome lucky strike for Coachella, Modeselektor are playing at a Coachella where Yorke will be around…so…who knows, right? In a not so lucky strike for Modeselektor they’re playing the first weekend of Coachella, then playing shows in Williamsburg, Manhattan, Boston, Montreal, and Chicago before playing the second weekend of Coachella. That’s Monkeytown.