Motions: Artist You Should Know

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After a number of years of releasing lush pop and hip-hop infused House music that recalled early 90s MTV vocal House as part of Montreal collaborative project called Grown Folk, producer Brendan Neal decided he wanted to venture out on his own.

He made his way to London, a move that would necessitate his paring down his equipment and would facilitate a new start. The result is Motions.

A few months back, DJ Dave P put a worm in my ear about Motions, which I found out was slated to release work on local purveyors of club heat Body High. After a little finessing I was able to get a teaser/taste of Motions‘ forthcoming All Gone EP.

Motions‘ supremely wavey work feels and sounds like the UK. Like some lost artifact from the early Warp “IDM” Artificial Intelligence releases filtered through Acid House it recalls something special, while being absolutely now. All Gone is all good…and luckily will be available at the end of April via Body High.