Music For Your Weekend (Deep Digs Edition w/ Mathieu Schreyer)

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Today we get a special Music For Your Weekend courtesy of crate-digger extraordinaire Mathieu Schreyer. He touches on new and old tracks and spins a musical education your way. Enjoy!

King Krule – “Biscuit Town”

All hail the return of the British ginger genius Archy Marshall, aka King Krule, aka Zoo Kid, aka Edgar the Breathtaker (and he still has 4 more aliases)!

The Ooz is King Krule’s second full-length album under that moniker, coming after 2013’s great (and well-reviewed) 6 Feet Beneath the Moon.

The album opens with “Biscuit Town,” which features a great nineties hip-hop influenced beat that sounds in line with his Archy Marshall release from 2015.

On this LP, it feels like all of his musical influences and explored genres mix with effortless ease. From sparse jazz to post-punk jams and hip-hop, it’s all in there with fantastic introverted lyrics about love, break-up, and his main muse: London.

I cannot get enough of this LP; King Krule is by far my favorite modern artist since the early Zoo Kid days, and he keeps on getting better and better.

The LP is out today; smoke one, drink one, and enjoy.

Tony Allen – “On Fire”

The most famous African drummer, Tony Allen, is back with a second project on Blue Note Records, following last year’s tribute EP to the late Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers (which I highly recommend). The Source is an outstanding jazz record the Fela Kuti drummer cooked up with the help of ace French jazz musicians, including his regular collaborator saxophonist Yann Jankielewicz.

Paying homage to his early jazz influence with great poise, his musical roots and personality are on full display here. If you are familiar with his work, you will recognize his signature drum sounds and rhythm which made Fela Kuti and the Afrobeat movement so famous.

The Nigerian-born, Paris-based drummer takes us on a musical and spiritual voyage on The Source, and I invite you to spend a nice fall evening with a good glass of wine and this record. Here’s a standout track:

Linda Perhacs – “Winds of the Sky”

Linda Perhacs was a dental hygienist in Beverly Hills in the sixties when she gave her demos to Oscar-winning composer Leonard Rosenman. Rosenman was so impressed, he produced her first LP Parallelograms.

The album had very little commercial success, so she resumed her dental career, but it eventually found a devoted audience. In the mid-nineties, the LP was brought back from obscurity by record collectors and is now considered a grail in the psych-folk world (often demanding upwards $500 on vinyl). The album is not only rare — it’s an actual masterpiece, and I encourage you to have a listen (it’s readily available on digital streams).

Perhacs just released her third album since 1969, titled I’m A Harmony. The California native psychedelic-folk singer is back on Omnivore Recordings with a great LP that features Julia Holter, Nite Jewel, Mark Pritchard and more. She infuses electronic music and folk effortlessly, reminding me of the finest work from Zero 7 or Air.