Music For Your Weekend feat. Caroline Rose, Raphael Saadiq (remixed by The Brothers Macklovitch), and Peach Pit

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Our musical selections this weekend offer up three distinct styles. Walk cross-country with Caroline Rose, Raphael Saadiq’s “So Ready” gets reworked into a banger, and we’ll laugh at some unfortunate events through the lens of Peach Pit’s indie-pop.

It’s Music For Your Weekend on this last day of January and into the first weekend of Feb. Also, have a very happy Super Bowl — you know, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Caroline Rose – “Feel The Way I Want”

Caroline Rose, whose discography includes two folk and country records, has long since reinvented herself. In 2018 she released a critically acclaimed pop-rock album, Loner. And to follow up that musical rebirth, she just announced Superstar, out March 6th.

The video for “Feel the Way I Want” is a perfect example of what we can expect on the pop-leaning album. It makes light of a simple misunderstanding and making the best out of having to go cross-country in a monochromatic suit.

Raphael Saadiq – “So Ready” (The Brothers Macklovitch Remix)

There is no denying that Raphael Saadiq’s Jimmy Lee was one of last year’s best releases (we placed it at number 5 on our best of list). With catchy grooves, sociopolitical anthems, and pop-leaning earworms — Saadiq once again reminded the world that his musical prowess is undeniable. This week he surprise-released a remixed version of “So Ready,” which turned this already catchy tune into a club thumper.

The remix is courtesy of The Brothers Macklovitch — a brand new project comprised of acclaimed DJ/Producer A-Trak’s and his brother Dave 1 of Chromeo. Pretty sweet, right? The track is worth a weekend of endless repeats. SO good!

Peach Pit – “Shampoo Bottles”

Vancouver-based indie-pop outfit Peach Pit keep it real melancholy on this new single “Shampoo Bottles.” The mood is fitting for 2020’s “bleh” start. It’s most certainly a song about a breakup, but the video brings some dark comedy to this dreadful subject. If anything, it might cheer your weekend up by seeing shirtless dudes crying while trying to do everyday activities.

Peach Pit have performed at a myriad of music festivals and recorded – what we can assume/hope is - a forthcoming album with GRAMMY award winning producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Best Coast).