Music For Your Weekend feat. M83, Angel Olsen, and Jidenna

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For today’s MFYW (we like to shorten titles here), we’re getting mad eclectic. It’s just the nature of things here at KCRW. Our musical palate is broad and refined (at least we hope).  Featured this weekend, are the sounds from accomplished artists on all sides of the sonic spectrum. Sit back, relax, and enjoy M83, Angel Olsen, and Jidenna. 

M83 – "Feelings"

Well, it’s been 12 years since the release of M83’s Digital Shades Vol 1, but finally in 2019, we receive a similar opus of music that could very well have been pulled from a Carpenter, Kubrick, or Lynch film. DSVII (short for Digital Shades Vol 2) is Anthony Gonzalez’s entirely instrumental follow up to DS Vol 1, which he has said in interviews, was inspired by video games from his youth.

There is a playful vibe to most of the pieces, and many of the numbers open with a sensibility of intrigue. It’s starkly different from M83’s more popular albums, but definitely worth a listen as we sink into fall. Check out the lush sonics of "Feelings."

Angel Olsen – “Lark”

I first became fully aware of Angel Olsen’s vocal prowess on Mark Ronson’s latest release. “True Blue” featuring Olsen, stuck out as the most interesting track on an album full of heavyweight featured vocalists. And, in retrospect, it was the dreamy and echo-y vocals that really propped the song ahead of the bunch.

Her 4th full-length slated for release on Oct 4, has been teased with a great single entitled “Lark.” Her sound has some major influences, and conjures up thoughts of Mazzy Star, a ‘less pop’ version of Lana Del Rey, and maybe it’s the reverb on the vocals, but I’m also reminded of Loretta Lynn. “Lark” definitely has some country undertones and only helped to further the anticipation for her forthcoming release All Mirrors.

Jidenna – "Sufi Woman"

It’s been a while since I can remember so many colleagues unanimously praise an album. Jidenna’s 85 to Africa is a phenomenal sophomore offering from the Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, and producer; who scored a Grammy nomination in 2015 with his banger, “Classic Man.” The album slides in and out of rap laced with phat beats, like the title track and funky African-pop rhythms you’ll hear on “Vaporiza” and “Pretty & Afraid.”

Jidenna is exceptionally talented and has delivered an exceptionally catchy album. I wouldn’t be surprised if this album tops end of the year lists. "Sufi Woman" gets you in the tropical mood for a dance party... so let's get the weekend party started.