Music For Your Weekend feat. Silversun Pickups and Fontaines D.C.

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Crazy weekend plans or what? Well, even if all you’re doing is taking a drive somewhere to brunch it up, we have your tunes covered for that quick car ride. There’s a lot of excitement in the air about great weather, and new releases are coming hot and fast as summer approaches. Stay cool.

Silversun Pickups – “It Doesn’t Matter Why”

I can’t think back to the mid-aughts without reminiscing about this rad band out of Silverlake, and how they were an integral part of my soundtrack for most of the 2000s. Clearly they’re still at it.

“It Doesn’t Matter Why” has that rocking appeal of their hits like “Panic Switch” and “Well Thought Out Twinkles,” combined with the sensibility of their more softer side like “Lazy Eye” and “Little Lover’s So Polite.” 

The playful cadence leading in and out of the verses makes this new track a perfect pre-gaming jam to get you in the right mood for the weekend.

Fontaines D.C. – “Big”

I’ve been stuck on Irish post-punk band Fontaines D.C. since I had the chance to see them in Austin at SXSW. Various singles had been floating around the web, but on April 12th their full-length album Dogrel was released.

The entire band is comprised of really talented musicians and the lead singer puts on quite a rather weird performance (slightly antagonistic, but in the end is kind of ingratiating). Picture Art Brut delivery of lyrics with more punked up instrumentation, and add some hints of guitar riffs that will take you back to The Clash.

“Big” is the opening tack on Dogrel, and it’s just that. BIG! Really loving the whole album and it will get you in the mood for Sat & Sun. Done.

Bonus for your radar artist:

Triangle Fire – “Make Me, Make You”

When you’ve spent months with an album on repeat, it’s an incredible feeling of relief when you’re finally able to see the band live and they sound great!

In late March, I was finally able to catch Triangle Fire in concert and it was beyond gratifying! These young kids have such an old musical soul, and their album - all recorded analog with a tenacious precision - is a must listen. “Make Me, Make You,” hides towards the end of the B-side of their album Everything Works, but it is single worthy! Take a listen.